Statement 5: Rules, Policies and Procedures

Rules, policies and procedures relate to the following areas and regulatory responsibilities of the VRQA.

Legislation and delegations VRQA legal framework

​Schools senior secondary education; non-school senior secondary education; senior secondary course accreditation; CRICOS registration; ELICOS, overseas secondary student exchange organisations

Schools and international education
​Vocational education and trainingVET providers and course developers
​Apprenticeships and traineeshipsApprenticeships and traineeships
​Home schoolingParents and students


The VRQA website can be searched for copies of VRQA issued guidelines. Below is a list of current VRQA guidelines:

  • Financial Health Guidelines for VET providers
  • VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers
  • Guidelines on Home-stay Accommodation for Overseas Students
  • Guidelines for the Approval of Overseas Secondary Student Exchange Organisations
  • Senior Secondary Guidelines and Standards for the registration of Awarding Bodies and the Accreditation of Senior Secondary Qualifications
  • VRQA Apprenticeship and Traineeship Compliance and Quality Assurance Policy.


The VRQA produces a number of guides eg The Guidelines to the minimum standards and other requirements for registration of schools including those offering senior secondary courses. Guides may be located by searching the VRQA website using the categories and locations listed above. 


 The VRQA website can be searched for copies of VRQA issued procedures.