Our Stakeholders

Many of our diverse stakeholders are involved in governing, regulating or delivering education and training in Victoria. Other stakeholders represent specific industries as well as education and training sector professionals.

Our stakeholders include:

  • education and training providers, including schools and RTOs
  • students and their parents
  • apprentices, trainees and their employers
  • school system owners
  • group training employers
  • peak bodies, industry associations and unions.

Our stakeholders also include those who the VRQA works with to achieve its regulatory outcomes, including:

  • school review bodies
  • audit panels
  • the apprenticeships and traineeships regulatory field services provider
  • government agencies, including other regulators.

How the VRQA engages with stakeholders

Effective engagement with stakeholders improves regulation and helps to achieve our regulatory objectives.

The VRQA Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 2017-18 (pdf - 922.49kb) articulates how the VRQA office will carry out the expectations of the VRQA Board in engaging stakeholders, and supports the purpose, directions and initiatives of the VRQA Strategic Plan 2016-18 (pdf - 206.46kb)

Each year the VRQA holds stakeholder events, forums and information sessions, and publishes regular editions of the VRQA e-News.

The VRQA conducts annual client and stakeholder research, measuring provider and stakeholder satisfaction with the VRQA, its regulatory processes and stakeholder engagement and communication methods.

See Publications to access the VRQA's client and stakeholder research report or email vrqa@edumail.vic.gov.au to provide feedback.