Review of Submission

Once the course accreditation submission has been prepared, two VRQA approved accreditation advisers who were not involved in writing the course are required to review the course accreditation submission. They will work together to provide you with a report within 10 working days of receiving the final draft submission, detailing any amendments required for the course to meet accreditation standards.

Once the accreditation advisers have verified that the appropriate amendments have been made, they will sign the VRQA Accreditation Adviser course report. The submission may then proceed to the accreditation panel. The accreditation submission cannot proceed to the accreditation panel until the VRQA Accreditation Adviser course report has been signed.

The panel must include:

  • two VRQA accreditation advisers (doc - 74.5kb) who reviewed the course
  • one representative of the relevant industry, education or community sector. This representative may have been a member of the steering committee.

The accreditation panel meeting

The course developer must send the amended submission and the meeting agenda (doc - 71kb) to panel members and those who will be in attendance at least five working days before the accreditation panel meeting.

One or more representatives of the course developer should attend the accreditation panel meeting to provide information on the course if needed, and to record the minutes. For more information, see: Sample accreditation panel minutes (doc - 192.5kb).

The role of the accreditation panel is to:

The next step

The next step in the VET accreditation process is submitting the proposed course to the VRQA.