Ongoing Monitoring

As stipulated in Section B, part 9 of the course accreditation document (doc - 208kb) (Word -  206 KB), you must identify processes for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the course content and outcomes, so that the course remains current and relevant throughout the period of accreditation.

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation provide opportunities for continuous improvement of the course.

Amendments to a VRQA VET accredited course

Over time and through the ongoing monitoring and evaluation specified in the accredited course, the need to amend a course may arise. 

A course copyright owner can apply to amend a Victorian VET accredited course by submitting the VRQA course amendment application form (doc - 180kb) (Word -  183 KB). 

When the application is received an invoice to the amount of the prescribed fee will be sent by email. On receipt of payment of the scheduled fee the application will be assessed.

If the change is minor and does not affect the outcome of the course, this will generally be approved as an amendment to the course.  If the change is significant you will need to apply for renewal (re-accreditation) of the course.

The Amendments to a VET accredited course – categories of change (doc - 70.5kb) (Word -  70.5 KB) sets out what constitutes a minor change to a course that will result in a course amendment application, and a significant change to a course that will require an application to renew (re-accredit) the course.

It is the responsibility of the course copyright owner to notify all licence holders and those with permission to deliver the course of the approved amendments.

Expiry and renewal (re-accreditation) of a VRQA VET accredited course

VRQA accredited courses are accredited for a specified period, usually five years and have an expiry date. 

You will need to monitor the expiry date of your course.

If the course has not been replaced by a training package qualification you will need to apply for renewal (re-accreditation) and complete the Course concept proposal form (doc - 211.5kb) (Word - 210.5 KB).

Short term renewal of a VRQA VET accredited course

In exceptional circumstances a course copyright owner may request a short term renewal of the accreditation period of a course (for a maximum of 12 months) by completing the Application for short term renewal of a VET accredited course (doc - 172kb) (Word -  172 KB).  Appropriate rationale must be provided to support the application.

Exceptional circumstances may include:

  • if the outcomes of the accredited course due to expire are to be incorporated into a nationally endorsed training package that is scheduled for endorsement shortly after the course accreditation expiry date
  • if the course leads to a legislative/regulatory/licensed outcome and it is specified that the course must be completed to achieve the licensed outcome, and if the relevant legislation is under review, which is expected to be finalised within a short time after the accredited course expiry date
  • if other rationale provided is determined as appropriate by the VRQA.
The VRQA does not consider a delay by the course copyright owner to commence the course renewal (re-accreditation) process appropriate rationale for a short term renewal request.

The VRQA will usually not consider a short term renewal request for an accredited course more than once.

The VRQA will not consider a request for a short term renewal after the accreditation period of the course has expired.

When the application is received an invoice will be sent by email. On receipt of payment of the invoice the application will be assessed.