Course Concept Proposal

Before developing a course for accreditation you need to obtain written approval from the VRQA. This involves submitting a Course concept proposal application form (doc - 210.5kb). On receipt of a complete application, an invoice will be sent.

Please refer to VRQA fees and charges.

After the accreditation fee has been paid in full the VRQA will assess your application within 15 working days.

The course concept proposal requires evidence that:

  • preliminary research and consultation has been undertaken to confirm that there is a valid need for the skills and outcomes that the course will provide
  • the vocational, educational or community purpose of the course can be identified
  • the proposed course does not duplicate qualifications or units of competency that already exist
  • major industry stakeholders have agreed to advise on the development of the course and participate in the steering committee.

You will also need to provide a risk assessment if the VRQA determines that the proposal is for a potentially high risk course. For more information, check with the relevant regulatory or licensing bodies, and see: Guide to accreditation of potentially high risk courses (doc - 116kb) and the Risk assessment form (doc - 107.5kb).

Note: After the course concept proposal is approved, you have twelve months to submit the course accreditation submission.

More information

You can find useful resources for this stage of the accreditation process on page 13 of AQTF Users' Guide to the Standards for Accredited Courses (pdf - 697.04kb)

To assist with the development of your proposal and intention to accredit you may wish to consult an accreditation adviser. For more information, see: Accreditation advisers (doc - 74.5kb)

The next step

The next step in the VET accreditation process is course development.