Submitting Proposed Course to the VRQA

Once the accreditation panel has recommended that the course be accredited the course can be submitted to the VRQA for formal assessment and accreditation.

Make sure your submission includes all the items listed in the accreditation submission checklist (doc - 153.5kb), and ensure that:

  • the submission is unbound
  • all training package units are the most up to date and are correctly identified
  • the font used is consistent, easy-to-read throughout the submission and is 11 pt or larger in size
  • a table of contents is included
  • page numbering is used
  • version identification is used
  • headers and footers are used throughout the document, including different headers/footers for each unit/module/document part, so that they can be easily identified
  • the course document is divided into parts A, B and C, and supporting documentation.

Note: The course accreditation submission must be received within 12 months of course concept proposal approval.

Send your unbound submission to:

Course Accreditation
Quality Assurance VET Unit
Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority
GPO Box 2317
Melbourne VIC 3001

Confirmation of accreditation

The VRQA will respond to the accreditation submission within 15 working days. During that period, accreditation officers may contact you to request any amendments that still need to be made.

The VRQA will confirm in writing the approval of accreditation of the course. A course code will be allocated to the course and unit codes for newly developed units of competency. The relevant details of the course will be entered on the VRQA State Register. After which the course details appear on

Ongoing monitoring

Once a course is accredited it will require ongoing monitoring and evaluation.