Regulatory campaigns

From time to time, the VRQA will conduct a campaign to investigate specific industries or workplace issues.

Campaigns target specific qualifications and occupations. A campaign might follow a VRQA risk assessment. It can also be in response to industry intelligence.

The campaign's aim is to make sure that apprentices and trainees are being:

  • properly supervised
  • provided with work that matches the qualification they are enrolled in
  • being released/paid to attend training.

Campaigns identify and address non-compliance with regulatory requirements. They also help all Victorian apprentices, trainees and their employers understand their rights and obligations under the training contract.

The VRQA works with industry stakeholders and relevant state and Commonwealth government agencies in designing and implementing regulatory campaigns.

Employer Checklist

If you received a message that your workplace may be visited, or just want to know that you meet important regulatory requirements for apprenticeships, use the simple Employer Checklist to check your arrangements.

Apprentices and trainees can also use the checklist to see whether their apprenticeship meets requirements.