Addressing problems

You should be able to expect your apprentice to:

  • turn up to work
  • not cause damage to your business
  • follow instructions
  • participate in the necessary training both on and off-the-job.

If you have concerns about your apprentice's work or study performance, it is usually best to start by talking together about your concerns as soon as possible. Make a record of any decisions agreed and share it with the apprentice.

If improvements do not follow, discuss the right course of action with your Apprenticeship Network provider. Don't let the situation become a crisis before seeking assistance.

Training contract not being met?

The VRQA can provide advice and investigate complaints if the apprentice is not meeting his/her training contract obligations.

Call the VRQA on 1300 722 603 10:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. A parent or guardian can call on behalf of apprentices and trainees under 18 years of age.