Cancelling an apprenticeship/traineeship

You can cancel the apprenticeship/traineeship for an apprentice or a trainee, but each has different terms.


An apprenticeship training contract has a probationary period (usually three months). During this probationary period, either you or the apprentice can cancel the contract.

Use this probationary period to make sure you are both happy. After it has finished, both the employer and apprentice must agree before an apprenticeship training contract can be cancelled.

To mutually cancel, both of you must complete the relevant forms and submit them together to your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider.

Employers to complete: Request to Cancel a Training Contract Form - employer form (doc - 98.5kb)

NOTE: The VRQA regulates the apprenticeship training contract, not the apprenticeship employment contract. This means that the VRQA has no power or authority to investigate or intervene when an employer decides to stop employing an apprentice or trainee.


Either party can cancel a traineeship training contract. You don't have to agree.

Either you or your trainee must complete: Request to cancel a training contract- trainee/employer form (doc - 109kb) and submit the completed form to your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider.