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Regulatory Field Services

Apprenticeships and traineeships rBusy at Work logoegulatory field services monitor the compliance of employers, apprentices and trainees with the requirements of the training contract in accordance with section 5.5 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006

These services are provided throughout Victoria by BUSY At Work on behalf of the VRQA. Where necessary, matters concerning the training contract are referred by the VRQA to BUSY At Work for further investigation.

Authorised officers

Authorised officers are employed by BUSY At Work and appointed by the VRQA to visit workplaces and talk to apprentices, trainees and their employers to determine whether both parties are meeting their training contract obligations. They have a right to enter a premises where an apprentice or trainee is employed, to make enquiries, and to inspect and copy documents.

When conducting visits, BUSY At Work authorised officers will be in uniform and must identify themselves when they make contact in person by producing their authorised officer identification card.

Authorised officer visits

An authorised officer may be in touch for one of two reasons.

  1. A routine visit. There are about 35,000 employers of apprentices and trainees in Victoria. BUSY At Work authorised officers have a rolling program of routine visits to these workplaces to monitor compliance with the training contract.
  2. To arrange a visit to discuss a matter in relation to the training contract that has been raised with the VRQA by one of the parties to the contract.

Often the employer and apprentice/trainee will use this opportunity to address any problems themselves, with general assistance provided by the authorised officer.

Outcome of Visits

In most workplaces where apprentices/trainees are employed the training contract obligations are being met. Where a training contract is not being complied with, the authorised officers advise a delegated officer in the VRQA who has the authority to enquire into the matter and make determinations to resolve the issue.

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