Apprenticeship and Traineeship Training Contract

‚ÄčApprenticeships operate on the basis of a formal apprenticeship training contract between an employer and an apprentice. Contact an Apprenticeship Network provider in your area for information about how to enter into an apprenticeship training contract.

Situations change and either you or your apprentice may need to change the apprenticeship. You can vary the contract, suspend the agreement or cancel it altogether.

For example, either you or your apprentice might need to:

  • change the qualification/qualifications stream
  • change the RTO(s)
  • change (extend) his/her completion date
  • change the attendance type (e.g. school-based part-time to full-time)
  • change his/her name.

How to vary the contract

  1. First, discuss it with your apprentice and reach agreement.
  2. With your apprentice, complete the Application to vary the training contract form (doc - 114kb).
  3. Submit the completed form to your  Apprenticeship Network Provider.