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Employer Approval

An apprenticeship or traineeship starts when an employer and apprentice/trainee enter into a training contract.

An employer must be approved in order to enter into a training contract. Employers are asked to provide information about their background to help ensure that they are a fit and proper person for employing an apprentice.

Several changes were introduced on 1 January 2015 that strengthen protections for apprentices and trainees without increasing regulatory burden.

When seeking to register a training contract, new employers are asked to make declarations about their background, including convictions for indictable offences and any findings or convictions in relation to workplace safety, pay and conditions.

Employers have the option of providing this information via a declaration or statutory declaration. Employers who opt to sign a statutory declaration are exempted from verification checks. 

For further information see VRQA Employer Approval Process (doc - 733kb).

To commence an apprenticeship or traineeship, contact an Australian Apprenticeship Centre.

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