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Training Schemes

Approved training schemes establish specific industry training package qualifications which are available as apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria. Approved training schemes determine, among other matters:

  • the nominal duration of the apprenticeship/traineeship
  • any requirements for a probationary period
  • the nature and content of the training scheme
  • the standards of skill and knowledge required to adequately perform the activities or tasks of the vocation to be obtained.

The VRQA is responsible for regulating approved training schemes in Victoria.

Minimum hours requirements for employment and training apply to apprenticeships and traineeships. Further information is available in the VRQA Policy on Minimum Hours Per Week for Employment and Training (doc - 72.5kb).

Approved training schemes

Approved training schemes are determined by the VRQA and published in the Victorian Government Gazette.

PDF format

Word format

Aeroskills (pdf - 205.05kb) Aeroskills (doc - 84kb)
Agriculture Horticulture and Conservation and  Land Management (pdf - 3.05mb) Agriculture Horticulture and Conservation and  Land Management (doc - 323kb)
Animal Care and Management (pdf - 1.8mb) Animal Care and Management (doc - 242kb)
Australian Meat Industry (pdf - 2.16mb) Australian Meat Industry (doc - 86.5kb)
Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair (pdf - 2.36mb) Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair (doc - 294kb)
Automotive Manufacturing (pdf - 182.36kb) Automotive Manufacturing (doc - 67kb)
Aviation (pdf - 205.05kb) Aviation (doc - 84kb)
Beauty (pdf - 272.77kb) N/A
Business Services (pdf - 263.21kb) Business Services (doc - 111.5kb)
Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining (pdf - 226.56kb)Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining (docx - 182.92kb)
Community Services (pdf - 87.41kb) Community Services (doc - 131.5kb)
Construction Plumbing and Services (pdf - 2.65mb) Construction Plumbing and Services (docx - 186.88kb)
Correctional Services (pdf - 78.19kb) Correctional Services (doc - 65.5kb)
Electrical Supply Industry - Generation Sector (pdf - 283.94kb) Electrical Supply Industry - Generation sector (doc - 253.5kb)
Electricity Supply Industry – Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector (pdf - 237.55kb)Electricity Supply Industry – Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector (doc - 72kb)
Electrotechnology (pdf - 89.37kb) Electrotechnology (doc - 155kb)
Financial Services (pdf - 2.98mb) Financial Services (doc - 300kb)
​Floristry (pdf - 168.41kb)Floristry (doc - 243kb)
Food Processing Industry (pdf - 33.26kb) Food Processing Industry (doc - 83kb)
Forest and Forest Products (pdf - 33.11kb) Forest and Forest Products (doc - 85kb)
Funeral Services (pdf - 30.71kb) Funeral Services (doc - 67kb)
Furnishing (pdf - 35.38kb) Furnishing (doc - 98.5kb)
Gas Industry (pdf - 78.16kb) Gas Industry (doc - 65.5kb)
Hairdressing (pdf - 1.76mb) Hairdressing (doc - 237kb)
Health (pdf - 89.61kb) Health (doc - 158.5kb)
Information and Communications Technology (pdf - 35.35kb)    Information and Communications Technology (doc - 91.5kb)
Laboratory Operations (pdf - 1.7mb) Laboratory Operations (doc - 65.5kb)
Live Performance and Entertainment (pdf - 30.46kb) Live Performance and Entertainment (doc - 65.5kb)
Local Government (pdf - 32.04kb) Local Government (doc - 74.5kb)
Manufacturing (pdf - 79.53kb) Manufacturing (doc - 73kb)
​Manufactured mineral products (pdf - 172.73kb)​​N/A
Maritime (pdf - 31.58kb) Maritime (doc - 71.5kb)
Metal and Engineering (pdf - 2.17mb) Metal and Engineering (doc - 82kb)
National Water Training Package (pdf - 1.82mb)National Water Training Package (doc - 260.5kb)
Plastic Rubber Cablemaking (pdf - 78.43kb) Plastic Rubber Cablemaking (doc - 67kb)
Printing and Graphic Arts (pdf - 290.47kb) Printing and Graphic Arts (doc - 111.5kb)
Property Services (pdf - 2.13mb) Property Services (doc - 92.5kb)
​Public Safety (pdf - 221.29kb)Public Safety (docx - 180.78kb)
Public Sector (pdf - 448.25kb)Public Sector (doc - 313kb)
Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Industry (pdf - 32.39kb) Pulp and Paper manufacturing Industry (doc - 64.5kb)
​Racing Industry (pdf - 205.46kb)​N/A
Resources and Infrastructure (pdf - 45.55kb) Resources and Infrastructure (doc - 138kb)
Retail Services (pdf - 1.8mb) Retail Services (doc - 72kb)
Screen and Media (pdf - 32.61kb) Screen and Media (doc - 79kb)
Seafood Industry (pdf - 33.88kb)  Seafood Industry (doc - 88.5kb)
Sport, Fitness and Recreation (pdf - 34.84kb) Sport, Fitness and Recreation (doc - 89kb)
Sustainability (pdf - 30.93kb) Sustainability (doc - 65.5kb)
Textiles, Clothing and Footwear (pdf - 216.17kb) Textiles, Clothing and Footwear (doc - 96kb)
Tourism, Travel and Hospitality (pdf - 2.28mb) Tourism, Travel and Hospitality (doc - 261kb)
Transport and Logistics (pdf - 48.04kb) Transport and Logistics (docx - 208.49kb)
Visual Arts Crafts and Design (pdf - 31.57kb) Visual Arts Crafts and Design (doc - 71kb)


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