The VRQA encourages students and parents to make complaints and resolve issues when they arise. Complaints can improve the quality of education.

The first step you must take is to make a complaint directly to your school or training organisation.

If you have been unable to resolve your complaint with your school or training organisation you can make a complaint to the VRQA about the organisations it registers. This includes:

  • Victorian independent schools
  • Victorian student exchange organisations
  • home schooling in Victoria
  • VRQA-registered Vocational Education and Training providers
  • training and/employment for apprentices and trainees in Victoria.

The VRQA does not investigate all complaints. If the VRQA is not the right body to deal with your concerns, we can refer you to the agencies who can handle your complaint. We can assist you to find out if the VRQA is the right body to investigate your school or training organisation. See Which agency handles my type of complaints.

The student and parents section of this website may assist you before you make a complaint. This section also contains advice about refunds and assessment results.

Your complaint must be made in writing. You can use our online complaint form. If you need
assistance writing your complaint please contact us. 

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