How to Make a Complaint to the VRQA

Step 1: Make a complaint to your school, registered training organisation or student exchange organisation

First make a complaint directly to your school, registered training organisation (RTO), or student exchange organisation (SEO) . All VRQA-registered education and training providers are required to have a process for responding to complaints and appeals. Ask to see a copy and follow the steps outlined in the process to make a complaint.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint to the school, RTO or SEO, consider making a complaint to the VRQA.

Step 2: Check that the VRQA can investigate your complaint

Make sure that the VRQA is the right authority to investigate your complaint and that the issue you are complaining about has occurred within the past 12 months.

If your complaint relates to apprenticeships and traineeships, you can call 1300 722 603 from 10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., Monday to Friday. A parent or guardian can call on behalf of apprentices and trainees under 18 years of age.

Step 3: Make your complaint to the VRQA

You can make a complaint to the VRQA by using one of the options below:

  • writing a letter and posting or faxing it to the VRQA.

Complaints to the VRQA must be made in writing. If for reason of disability you cannot make a complaint in writing, you can make a complaint by phone or in person​.

For information on what to expect from the VRQA complaints process, see: Complaints process.

Advice on making an effective complaint

Include all relevant information

When making a complaint, make sure you include:

  • the name of the school, registered training organisation or student exchange organisation and/or the course you are complaining about
  • the issues you are complaining about, e.g. what happened, what was the impact of that event and how has it affected you?
  • any document or materials you may have to support your complaint, e.g. letters or emails between you and the organisation, marketing materials and letters from other people who are affected
  • details about the steps you have taken to resolve the matter.

Focus your complaint

Not all complaints the VRQA receives can be investigated. Your complaint is more likely to be resolved to your satisfaction if you can be specific about which of the registration s​tandards and/or guidelines you believe the school, registered training organisation or student exchange organisation is not meeting.

You should also state what you want to happen as a result of making a complaint, for example, what action you want the provider to take.​​​

Registration standards and guidelines

Schools must meet the minimum standards for school registration. For more information, see: Minimum standards and other requirements for school registration.

Registered training organisations providing vocational education and training in Victoria only must meet the Australian Quality Training Framework standards and the 2016 VRQA Guidelines for VET providers (docx - 206.95kb).

Student Exchange Organisations approved by the VRQA must meet the VRQA Guidelines for Student Exchange (doc - 2.84mb)