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Transition notices for training packages (Vocational Education and Training)

flower arrangementIn compliance with Condition 9 – Transition to Training Packages/Expiry of Accredited Courses, AQTF Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing Registration, registered training organisations (RTOs) are responsible for managing the transition from:

  • superseded training packages within twelve months of their published release date on training.gov.au (TGA)
  • superseded accredited courses by the date of expiry of the superseded course.

Condition 9 applies to qualifications, accredited courses and units of competency (when delivered as stand-alone units).

Since September 2013, thirteen training packages have been updated, endorsed and released on TGA. Of these training packages, six will have transition arrangements due to the equivalence of qualifications. For more information, see the table below.

The VRQA will be emailing transition notices to RTOs currently delivering the equivalent qualifications from these six training packages. To ensure that you receive the relevant transition notices please verify that your email contact details on TGA are correct. If your contact details on TGA are incorrect please refer to the VRQA website and follow the instructions to request a change to your RTO contact details.

Please note that the transition notices only apply to those RTOs whose Regulatory Authority is the VRQA. 


Training Package​ Release Number​ Release Date​

Transition Notice to be sent by the VRQA​

1​ AUM - Automotive Manufacturing​ AUM R.1.0 10 January 2014​ Yes​
2​ AUM - Automotive Retail, Service and Repair​ AUM 12 R.2.0​ 11 January 2014​ Ye​s​
AUM - Automotive Retail, Service and Repair​​ AUR R.1.0​ 10 January 2014​ No
3​ SIS - Sport, Fitness and Recreation​ SIS10 R.2.0​ 06 March 2013​ Yes​
SIS - Sport, Fitness and Recreation​ SIS10 R.3.0​ 14 December 2013​ Yes​
4​ PMA - Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining​ PMA08 R.4.0 24 June 2013​ Yes​
PMA - Chemical, Hydrobarbons and Refining​ PMA08 R.5.0​ 13 December 2013​ No​
5​ CPP - Property Services ​ CPP07 R.14.0​ 17 January 2014​ Yes​
6​ MSF - Furnishing (supersedes the LMF Training Package)​ MSF R.1.0​ 10 December 2013​ Yes​
7​ TLI - Transport and Logistics​ TLI10 R.4.0​ 24 December 2013​ No​
8​ AVI - Aviation Training​ AVI08 R.5.0​ 23 December 2013​ No​
9​ MEM - Metal and Engineering​ MEM05 R.11.0​ 15 December 2013​ No​
10​ MSS - Sustainability​ MSS11 R.3.0​ 13 December 2013​ No​
11​ SFI - Seafood Industry​ SFI11 R.2.0​ 18 December 2013​ No​
12​ CPC - Construction, Plumbing and Services​ CPC08 R.9.0​ 17 January 20134 No​
13​ AHC - Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management​ AHC10 R.8.0​ 18 December 2013​ No​


  For more information contact qar@edumail.vic.gov.au.