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VRQA Annual Client and Stakeholder Research 2013 released

writing  handEach year the VRQA conducts an annual survey measuring aspects of provider and stakeholder satisfaction with the VRQA and its regulatory processes. A summary of the VRQA Annual Client and Stakeholder Research 2013 (doc - 1.43mb) has been published on the VRQA website. 

 In addition to an education provider study, the 2013 research incorporated for the first time an apprenticeships and traineeships engagement study reflecting the VRQA’s responsibility for the administration and regulation of apprenticeships and traineeships.

The research concluded that there is strong satisfaction with the VRQA among education providers and stakeholders, with significant improvements recorded on important indicators since 2012. These results reflect the enhanced information the VRQA has provided in 2013 to education and training providers in relation to our regulatory processes, and our strengthened engagement with stakeholders.

The research also suggests that we can improve the information provided to apprentices, trainees, employers and stakeholders about the regulation of apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria; and, build on our engagement with relevant stakeholders.

In response to the findings, in 2014 the VRQA will focus on engagement with the apprenticeships and traineeships sector, and will continue to enhance our website and other communications.

The VRQA wishes to thank all education providers, employers and stakeholders who participated in the 2013 research. We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2014.

Any queries regarding the research may be directed to vrqa@edumail.vic.gov.au.