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Streamlined process for transitioning apprenticeship or traineeship qualifications

Changes to processing arrangements from 1 July 2014 will make it easier for registered training organisations, employers, apprentices and trainees to ensure that training contracts reflect the most up-to-date qualifications.

A single form can now be submitted to an Australian Apprenticeship Centre to request to transition a apprentice/trainee qualification. The VRQA works with Australian Apprenticeship Centres to ensure that training contracts specify the correct qualification.

When commencing an apprenticeship or traineeship, employers and apprentices/trainees sign a training contract that specifies the qualification that the apprentice or trainee will be undertaking.

A transition to a new qualification is required when an existing qualification is superseded by an updated qualification. Qualifications are periodically updated to ensure that the content of courses continuously improves and the most current and relevant skills are taught.

For further information about the streamlined process and to access the Request to Transition an Apprentice/Trainee Qualification form, see Transitioning to a new qualification on the VRQA website.