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VRQA Strategic Plan 2014–16

school photoThe VRQA Board looks forward to continuing to contribute to a quality education and training system in Victoria. 

Our mission, strategic purpose and strategic directions and initiatives are set out in the VRQA Strategic Plan 2014–16. These have been developed consistent with the VRQA’s current organisational context, including the Ministerial Statement of Expectations for the VRQA, and other matters.

The VRQA has set the following priorities for 2014–16 to achieve its strategic purpose:

  1. Right touch regulation for quality educational outcomes.
  2. Protect students’ (and their parents where appropriate) interests.
  3. Improve the transparency of processes and provide support to reduce non-compliance.
  4. Build stakeholder relationships to improve regulation.
  5. Promote greater cooperation, information sharing and policy influence through regulatory coherence and efficiency.
  6. Maintain and strengthen Board corporate governance, especially financial oversight.

A number of specific initiatives for 2014–16 are set out against the priorities in the Strategic Plan 2014–16.

For more information see: VRQA Strategic Plan 2014–16.