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VRQA Annual Report 2013–14

areport1 The VRQA Board is proud of its achievements over the first 50 meetings. Our most recent achievements are set out in the VRQA Annual Report 2013–14 and include: 

  • Stakeholder events including the annual breakfast for VRQA stakeholders representing schools, vocational education and training, and apprenticeships and traineeships; two apprenticeship and traineeship stakeholder forums; and two meetings with representatives of the major independent school systems.
  • The continued implementation of improvements to the regulatory model of apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria. Improvements included reforming regulatory field services to strengthen the focus on employer and apprentice/trainee compliance with the provisions included in training contracts. These services are now provided by BUSY At Work.
  • Several significant reviews were undertaken in the VRQA. The Victorian Managed Insurance Authority reviewed the VRQA Risk Management Framework, and the final report assessed VRQA processes favourably. The Victorian Auditor-General’s Office conducted an audit to determine the extent to which activities of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) and the VRQA maximise apprenticeship and traineeship completion in Victoria. The report concluded that, upon assuming full responsibility for regulating apprenticeships and traineeships, the VRQA promptly identified and moved to respond to regulatory risks.
  • The VRQA responded to high-profile school closures due to financial failure, with enhanced monitoring of independent school financial viability. The VRQA introduced well-received financial governance workshops for independent schools.
  • A strategic review of compliance with the VRQA Guidelines for Bushfire Preparedness was undertaken to ensure that schools on the Bushfire At-Risk Register meet the requirements of the guidelines.
  • Ministerial Order 706: Anaphylaxis Management in Victorian Schools came into effect in April 2014. Registered schools must meet these requirements as a condition of their registration. Independent schools were required to provide the VRQA with a statutory declaration regarding their compliance with the order.
  • Updated memoranda of understanding were signed detailing the roles and responsibilities of DEECD and the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria as review bodies for government and Catholic schools respectively. Seventh Day Adventist Schools (Vic) Ltd were approved as a school review body and an MoU was signed with them. The VRQA assessed the International Baccalaureate Organisation and renewed its registration as an awarding body for a further five years.
  •  The VRQA streamlined its VET processes to improve audit consistency, and ensure that VET requirements are adequately reflected in audit processes.
  • Public tenders were successfully let for the provision of audit and review services and financial health assessments across both the VET and schools sectors for the next three years.
  •  In 2013–14, total income from transactions increased $0.89 million to $16.75 million. The major sources of revenue for the VRQA are grants and resources received free of charge from DEECD, representing 88 per cent of the total. Fees represent 11 per cent, and interest and other income represent 1 per cent.
  • Total expenses from transactions increased $0.59 million to $14.59 million. The increase in both revenue and expenses reflects the full year effect of the transfer of apprenticeships and traineeships regulatory functions to the VRQA.

For more information see: VRQA Annual Report 2013–14.