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As the school year for 2015 commences, it is timely to remind governors, principals and administrators that registered schools must meet minimum standards and other requirements for the effective operation of their schools.

These requirements are set out in the Guide to the Minimum Standards and Other Requirements for School Registration.

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Notifying the VRQA of important changes

Please advise the VRQA in writing if there has been a change in the Principal and/or Chair of the governing body of the school. A copy of the executed Declaration of good character should be provided to the VRQA for retention on the school’s file.

Schools which are also registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) to deliver courses to overseas students should ensure that the name of the Principal Executive Officer (PEO) is correctly listed on CRICOS. Changes to CRICOS registration including notification of a new PEO or High Managerial Agent must be made by completing the relevant sections in the Material change notification form (doc - 342.5kb).