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VRQA 2014 Client and Stakeholder Research Published

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The satisfaction of registered providers and other stakeholders with the VRQA is evaluated annually. A summary of the VRQA 2014 Client and Stakeholder Research (docx - 254.56kb) has recently been published on the VRQA website.

The 2014 research sought feedback about VRQA regulatory processes as well as the services that providers, apprentices, trainees and employers need from the VRQA.

Important findings of the research include:

  • overall satisfaction with the VRQA among education providers is at 74 per cent for education providers, 65 per cent for apprentices and trainees and 59 per cent for employers
  • interacting with VRQA staff is a positive experience for providers, apprentices, trainees and employers with staff considered to respond promptly and provide useful information
  • there is relatively low awareness of the VRQA website among apprentices, trainees and employers, although those who use the website find it useful and easy to navigate
  • apprentices, trainees and employers want information about their obligations and rights in relation to training contracts
  • stakeholders are appreciative of the VRQA’s current engagement with them but seek further engagement in the form of targeted forums focussed on specific issues.

The findings of the research will be used to review and update the range of services provided by the VRQA with a focus on providing targeted, issues-based stakeholder events and providing apprentices and employers with information about regulatory requirements.

The VRQA thanks all providers, apprentices, trainees, employers and stakeholders who participated in the 2014 research.

Any queries regarding the research may be directed to vrqa@edumail.vic.gov.au.