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Consultation on the adoption of the Recreational Swimming Activity Guidelines

VEt photoThe VRQA will consult schools and relevant stakeholders about the adoption of the Department of Education and Training (DET) Recreational Swimming Activity Guidelines (the Guidelines) as a requirement for all Victorian schools.

The requirement to comply with the Guidelines currently applies to Victorian Government schools only.

The Guidelines provide advice on completing an activity-specific risk management plan which takes into account the water conditions and the unique characteristics of those participating in the activity.

Appropriate mechanisms for strengthening swimming safety requirements are being considered in response to a report of the Victorian Coroner. In his report, the coroner recommended that:

  • all non-government schools be encouraged to adopt the Guidelines, and
  • actions be taken to investigate making compliance with the Guidelines a condition of registration for all schools in Victoria.

The VRQA has written to independent schools to advise them of the Coroner’s recommendations and the actions that the VRQA is taking in response.

The consultation will consider whether compliance with the Guidelines as a condition of registration is achievable and practical for all schools. The consultation will also consider the most appropriate mechanisms for the implementation of this requirement.

Schools and stakeholders will be advised in due course about how they can participate in the consultation process.

Further information:

Enquiries may be directed to vrqa.schools@edumail.vic.gov.au.