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Employers lose ability to employ commercial cookery apprentices

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The VRQA has investigated 76 employers employing 152 commercial cookery apprentices to check that apprentices were being properly supervised and trained as part of a regulatory campaign.

Problems uncovered by the investigation included:

  • inappropriate supervision
  • inappropriate work tasks or facilities
  • a lack of structured release for training and/or apprentices not being paid to attend training
  • limited understanding of regulatory obligations.

As a result of the investigation:

  • 93 training contracts have been cancelled (including 29 voluntary cancellations)
  • 45 employer approvals have been revoked.

Affected apprentices are able to continue their apprenticeships with different employers approved to employ commercial cookery apprentices.

In undertaking the campaign the VRQA worked with the hospitality industry and relevant state and Commonwealth Government agencies.

The VRQA will conduct further regulatory campaigns targeting specific qualifications and occupations and will be on the lookout for:

  • inadequate supervision
  • work or duties that don’t match the qualification an apprentice is enrolled in
  • employers who don’t release apprentices to attend training or pay them to attend training.

The VRQA has produced an Employer Checklist and two minute video Know Your Rights and Responsibilities to assist employers, apprentices and trainees to understand and meet their obligations.

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