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Ministerial Statement of Expectations for the VRQA

vet photoThe Minister for Education and the Minister for Training and Skills have provided the VRQA with their statement of expectations.

The statement outlines the expectation that the VRQA will work with the Department of Education and Training to:

  • determine how best to implement the Government’s commitment to restore support for apprenticeships by retaining and strengthening the role of apprenticeship field officers as essential mediators of apprenticeship contracts; and
  • review the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2007 due to sunset in June 2017.

The Ministerial Statement of Expectations also reiterates the expectations provided to the VRQA in the previous Ministerial Statement of Expectations.

The VRQA Strategic Plan 2014–16 (Strategic Plan) will be refreshed to reflect these changes. Progress against the Ministerial Statement of Expectations and the Strategic Plan will be reported on in the VRQA Annual Report 2015–16.

The Ministerial Statement of Expectations, and the VRQA response, are available on the VRQA website.

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