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Changes to Overseas Secondary Student Exchange Organisations (SEO) Guidelines

The VRQA Guidelines, Conditions and Application Form for the Approval of Overseas Secondary Student Exchange Organisations (doc - 2.84mb) have been updated to reflect the July 2015 amendments to the National Consultative Committee for International Secondary Student Exchange (NCCISSE) National Guidelines.

The guidelines now:

  • extend the Working with Children Check requirement to all SEO staff who have access to exchange student records – previously, this only applied to SEO staff with contact with students
  • add additional screening requirements for single person households seeking to host exchange students as a ‘host family’
  • strengthen the current provisions prohibiting SEOs from using student images and personal information in the public recruitment of host families
  • require SEOs to meet the child safe standards.

The revised guidelines come into effect for all VRQA-approved SEOs from 1 January 2016 and will continue to ensure the safety and protection of overseas secondary students in Victoria.

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