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Child safe standards resources for schools now available

A number of new resources to assist schools to meet the child safe standards are now available from the VRQA, the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV).
The following resources about the child safe standards are available on the VRQA child safe standards website

  • Compliance requirements (video)
  • SAMPLE child safe standards compliance self-assessment and action plan
  • Preparing for compliance (video)
  • Child safe standards compliance self-assessment and action plan (pro forma)
  • Strategies to embed a child safety culture checklist (standard 1)  
  • Process for developing a child safety policy (standard 2)
  • Child safety code of conduct checklist (standard 3)
  • Child safety code of conduct: acceptable and unacceptable behaviours checklist (standard 3)
  • Staff selection checklist (standard 4)
  • Child safety risk management checklist (standard 6)
  • What is a school environment? (video)
  • Informing the school community (standards 1,2,3,5)
  • Safety at your child’s school (for parents)
  • Choosing a school for your child (for parents)
  • YMCA: Creating a child safe culture (video)
  • Promoting the safety of children with a disability (video).

A video resource about who makes up a school community is coming soon.

The resources were informed by the VRQA child safe standards readiness tool findings and consultation with key school sector and parent organisation stakeholders.

DET recently published PROTECT, an  online portal with a range of resources for schools such as fact sheets, online training modules and templates.

CECV has also produced a number of resources to help Catholic schools with each of the seven child safe standards.
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