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Compliance with the child safe standards

An online child safe standards self-assessment and declaration process is being phased in for all Victorian schools.

The VRQA recently notified all independent and Catholic school principals by email of the requirement to self-assess against the child safe standards as set out in Ministerial Order No. 870 and complete a declaration and statutory declaration.

The VRQA has produced Compliance requirements, a video resource to guide schools through the self-assessment and declaration process.

Michelle Green, Chief Executive of Independent Schools Victoria and Stephen Elder OAM, Executive Director of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria recorded video messages of support for the child safe standards for their schools.

Government schools will be emailed about completing the process in September 2016.

Government schools can watch the short Preparing for compliance video for an explanation of how to prepare for the September self-assessment and declaration process.

The VRQA has developed a number of resources, including the Child safe standards compliance self-assessment and action plan to help schools assess their compliance with the child safe standards and identify any gaps to be addressed.

Government schools are encouraged to begin the self-assessment process now.

All schools have four weeks to complete the process or request an extension. For more details, watch: Compliance requirements or see our FAQs.

Compliance with the child safe standards is not a requirement of the 2016 school reviews.

Reviews conducted during the remainder of the year will adopt an educative approach so that schools are aware of and are supported to meet the new requirements.

The VRQA is working with the Department of Education and Training, the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria and Adventist Schools Victoria to finalise school review arrangements for 2017.

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