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Warburton Primary School shares child safe standards journey

For Warburton Primary School, doing all they can to keep children safe is their bread and butter.

Schools have been working this year to self-assess how their policy and practices keep children safe, and how they have embedded the principles of the child safe standards into their school culture.

Warburton Primary School is just one of the schools that has demonstrated creativity in its response.

Principal Damian Marley said the school rewrote the standards in child-friendly language, tested them with Years 4 to 6 students and printed them in the school newsletter.

The school also badged its website header with “child safe school” and is preparing to print the standards on posters.

'We’re focused on making it very visible so it gets embedded in our school culture,' Damian said.

'We don’t want to dump a big pile of documents on our community.'

Damian said the school of just 57 students always endeavoured to focus on the importance of respectful relationships, particularly with vulnerable children who present with trauma, have challenging behaviours or have faced neglect.

'The school has always done what it can to care for and nurture kids but also to change behaviour with education,' Damian said.

'We attempt to really highlight the importance of students regulating their own behaviour and to empower them as much as we can while they’re still at school.'

Damian said the child safe standards reflected the school’s theme of providing constant support to children.

'It’s not just another compliance action — it’s very much our bread and butter,' Damian said.

'It is very important for us to be proactive.'

Warburton Primary’s child-friendly child safe standards

Warburton Primary School is a child-safe place! We have seven standards to prove it.

  • Standard 1: Child safety is everything to us. A school without safe children is no school at all!
  • Standard 2: We walk the talk. Read our policy here!
  • Standard 3: We have a code of conduct that all adults working here have signed. Read it here!
  • Standard 4: We carefully choose the best staff, we train them well and we keep bettering ourselves to keep you safe.
  • Standard 5: If something goes wrong, we will not waste any time in helping you and your fellow students.
  • Standard 6: We keep looking around to minimise and prevent any risks to your safety.
  • Standard 7: We teach you ways to grow and thrive and improve in your learning and in your relationships with others. We believe in the importance of your voice. Everyone has a say!