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Child safe standards: monitoring compliance

VET studentsLast year, every school completed the child safe standards online compliance self-assessment. Some schools have not yet emailed a copy of their signed declaration to the VRQA.

All schools should now have addressed any areas of noncompliance identified in their action plan and be compliant with all requirements of Ministerial Order No. 870.

Unless your school has an outstanding declaration, the VRQA requires no further reporting or follow-up action from the self-assessment process.

Compliance monitoring

This year, one in three schools will be involved in some form of compliance monitoring with the child safe standards. Compliance with the child safe standards is being monitored through one of the following activities:

  • the school review cycle
  • the VRQA compliance monitoring project
  • the initial school registration process. 


From this year, schools scheduled for review will be assessed against the child safe standards. Schools preparing for a review may wish to revisit their action plan, the VRQA's child safe standards resource library and the DET Protect portal.

Compliance monitoring project

In the coming weeks, the VRQA will contact a number of schools selected to participate in the VRQA child safe standards compliance monitoring project. A sample of 10 per cent of Victorian schools were chosen to participate in the project, with measures taken to ensure representation across:

  • the government, Catholic and independent sectors
  • Melbourne metropolitan and regional and rural areas
  • types of schools (primary, secondary etc.).

Conducted over Terms 2 and 3, the project comprises an environmental scan of the school website and a 20-minute telephone questionnaire with the school principal or nominated child safe standards contact.

Schools selected to be part of the sample will be contacted by email in the coming weeks.