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VET reporting and compliance reminders

The National Skills Standards Council (NSSC) has released a policy to apply the AQF Qualifications Issuance Policy within the vocational education and training sector. This replaces the National Quality Council (NQC) policy requirements published in the 2 August 2011 NQC Special Bulletin: Application of the AQF within the VET sector

IIt is a busy time of year for VET provider. The VRQA wishes to remind registered training organisations (RTO) of some of their reporting and compliance obligations.

Annual Declaration of Compliance

A reminder to RTOs to submit the Annual Declaration of Compliance to the VRQA by 1 April 2017.

Submitting the annual declaration is required under Guideline 5 of the 2016 VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers (docx - 204.24kb), and confirms an RTO has systematically monitored compliance and corrected any issues identified.

The annual declaration must be signed by the principal executive officer/chief executive officer registered with the VRQA as listed on Training.gov.au.

Please send the Annual Declaration of Compliance to the VRQA by email at qar@edumail.vic.gov.au or:

Annual Declaration of Compliance
GPO Box 2317
Melbourne Vic 3001

New TAE Training and Education Training Package (TAE) delivery requirements

New requirements for delivering the TAE came into effect on 1 January 2017.

Under Guideline 4.5 of the 2016 Guidelines (docx - 204.24kb), trainers and assessors delivering:

  • TAE40110/TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • TAE SS00001/TAESS00011 Assessor Skill Set; or
  • any assessor skills set from the Training and Education Training Package

must hold

  • a Diploma of Vocation Education and Training (TAE50111/TAE50116) or
  • a Diploma of Training Design and Development (TAE50211/TAE50216), or
  • a higher level qualification in adult education.

If the trainer/assessor does not hold one these qualifications, they must:

  • work under the supervision of someone who holds TAE40110/TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • not determine assessment outcomes.

Total VET Activity Reporting

All RTOs have an obligation to complete the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS) reporting. In doing so, RTOs must report:

  • all VET student enrolment activity conducted in 2016
  • all award issuance activity conducted in 2016.

RTOs are required to report any VET activity, including:

  • activity that attracts government funding and activity that does not attract government funding
  • activity that is conducted in Victoria and/or Western Australia.

If you have not reported data through the Higher Education and Skills Group at the Victorian Department of Education and Training, you must report directly to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER). NCVER opened its web-based AVETMISS Validation system to RTOs in January. Validated data reports were due on 28 February 2017.

Your RTO is required to meet these data provision requirements as a condition of registration. 

More information regarding AVETMISS reporting is available from NCVER at AVETMISS Support for RTOs

Unique Student Identifier reminder

RTOs must have a valid and verified unique student identifier (USI) for each student before issuing a qualification or statement of attainment. USIs must be included in AVETMISS data submissions for all students unless exemptions apply.

Students will soon be able to access a transcript of their qualifications reported to NCVER via AVETMISS. Missing information can be added using NCVER's USI Transcript Update Tool for students whose qualifications or other training was reported without a USI in 2015. 

For further information see:  www.usi.gov.au/contact

Please direct any queries regarding these matters to the VRQA at qar@edumail.vic.gov.au.