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Welcomes and farewells for the VRQA Board

The VRQA is delighted to welcome Dr Julie Caldecott to the VRQA Board. Dr Caldecott brings a strong corporate background with over twenty years’ experience consulting in the public and private sectors. Originally a medical practitioner, Dr Caldecott also has an MBA from the Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne. Her previous board memberships include non-executive directorships at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne; the Transport Accident Commission, Victoria; and the Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research.

The VRQA also recently farewelled two board members, Paul Kirk and Patricia Neden.

The VRQA Board benefitted from Ms Neden’s membership since her Governor in Council (GIC) appointment in October 2009. Ms Neden served four GIC terms as well as a number of short-term acting appointments. As Chair of the Apprenticeships and Traineeships subcommittee since its commencement, Ms Neden has overseen the DELTA/Epsilon project, the referral of group training regulation, and the engagement of Busy At Work as the VRQA’s contracted regulatory field services provider.

Mr Kirk made valuable contributions to both the VRQA Audit and Risk Management committee and the Compliance and Quality subcommittee during his time on the Board. He has provided valuable advice and pressed for clearer policies around financial management powers for schools. Mr Kirk also successfully campaigned to improve clarity on financial matters particularly in the development of the VRQA investment policy.

We would like to thank them both for their contributions to the Board’s work.