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Child safe standards feedback project

The VRQA will shortly be inviting a number of schools to provide feedback on the implementation of the child safe standards through a voluntary feedback project.

Victorian schools worked hard to implement the child safe standards in 2016. As all schools move to embed a culture of child safety, the VRQA would like to hear about schools' experiences and better understand how implementation is working from a school perspective.

The implementation feedback project will be answering three questions:

  • Where did schools begin?
  • Where are schools now?
  • Where to next?

The VRQA will invite over 200 schools to participate in the project. Schools will be chosen as a sample from the State Register, with measures taken to ensure representation across:

  • the government, Catholic and independent sectors
  • metropolitan Melbourne and rural and regional areas
  • types of schools (primary, secondary and specialist).

We all know that schools are safe places. The implementation feedback project aims to identify areas of child safety best practice and share them across the system to help all schools in their commitment to child safety.

The VRQA has worked in consultation with the Department of Education and Training, the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria, teachers' unions and principals' associations in developing this project. If you have any questions, please contact Gemma Bowen, bowen.gemma.g@edumail.vic.gov.au.