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The Reportable Conduct Scheme

To help schools and other organisations understand new obligations under the Reportable Conduct Scheme, the VRQA with the Commissioner for Children and Young People has produced an introductory video.

The Reportable Conduct Scheme came into effect for a number of organisations, including schools, on 1 July 2017.

As outlined by the Commissioner, heads of schools are now required to report allegations regarding employee behaviour or actions towards a child made by volunteers and employees, to the Commission for Children and Young People.

An allegation regarded as 'reportable conduct', includes:

  • sexual offences or misconduct committed against, with or in the presence of a child
  • physical violence against, with or in the presence of a child
  • any behaviour that causes significant emotional or psychological harm to a child
  • significant neglect of a child.

The Commission for Children and Young People is rolling out the Reportable Conduct Scheme across Victoria in three phases. It is worth noting that if your organisation falls into more than one phase, your organisation as a whole is within the Scheme from the earliest relevant phase. For example, after school care service operators are not required to comply until phase three, which is scheduled for January 2019. However, if the operators are employed by the school, then they are under the school's responsibility and fall into phase one from 1 July 2017.

Detailed information, including fact sheets, is available on the CCYP website.​ ​