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Working towards a culture of child safetyLearning plan templates and examples

From 1 January 2018, all home schooling applications will need to include a learning plan. To help families navigate this new requirement, the VRQA with the Victorian Home Education Advisory Committee (VHEAC) has developed two learning plan templates and some examples of what a learning plan could comprise. The examples provide for children at various stages of their education and in various circumstances. Use of these learning plan templates and examples is optional.

Learning plan templates and examples are available on the home schooling Resources page of the website.


Launched by the Minister for Education, our new home schooling newsletter, Education@Home is a key channel for communicating to Victoria’s home schooling community.

The online newsletter delivers important information about the upcoming changes to home schooling regulation and provides access to guidance material and resources.

Visit the home schooling news for the latest Education@Home articles.

Policy in place

As the new home schooling regulations draw closer, we have developed a number of policies to guide our role in regulating home schooling in Victoria.

The VRQA Home Schooling Policy (docx - 802.07kb) outlines our role in regulating home schooling as well as what is required of parents who wish to register their child for home schooling.

Our Home Schooling Internal Review Policy (docx - 792.13kb) outlines how the decisions we make about home schooling registration can be reviewed.
The Home Schooling Assessment Framework and Review Process (docx - 814.78kb) describes our approach to:

  • assessing learning plans submitted as part of the application process
  • the assessment of applications to exempt a student from receiving instruction in one or more of the learning areas
  • annual reviews of the registration of students for home schooling.

These policies and processes have been developed with the Department of Education and Training and the VHEAC.