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Boost for bushfire preparedness

NSSC policyIn 2013 VRQA completed a strategic review of independent schools’ compliance with the Guidelines for Registered Schools on Bushfire Preparedness (Guidelines).

A number of independent schools in high risk bushfire areas around Victoria participated in the review, which included a detailed site assessment by an expert fire safety contractor. The majority of schools were found to be fully compliant with the Guidelines. The review noted that a number of schools had emergency management practices that exceeded the minimum standards.

The other schools included in the review have utilised their detailed assessment report to revise their school’s emergency management plans. These schools now meet the requirements of the Guidelines.

The findings of the strategic review will be considered by the VRQA and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Emergency Management Division. VRQA will consult with school sector stakeholders on the outcomes of the review in 2014.

For more information, see: Guidelines for Registered Schools on Bushfire Preparedness.