New resources for home educators

New resources for home educators

​We encourage home educating parents to choose resources that support their child's individual needs. For new applicants, you should include the resources you intend to use as part of your child's learning plan.

We now have a range of resources to help parents educating their children at home. Please note that these resources are optional.


Scootle curates over 20,000 resources developed for the Australian Curriculum. It is account based so your child needs to be registered with us before you can access the material.

If you would like access to Scootle, please email your child's name to:

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Distance ed materials

The Department of Education and Training has licensed the Home Education Network (HEN) to distribute Distance Education Centre Victoria's learning materials to home educators.

These materials are available online and you don't have to be a HEN member to access them.

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The FUSE database includes thousands of resources developed specifically for the Victorian Curriculum. FUSE is freely available through the Department of Education and Training.

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