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Home Schooling

The Minister for Education and the Minister for Training and Skills have announced their decision to make the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017.

The Department of Education and Training has developed fact sheets to explain some of the key changes to the regulations, including home schooling. The proposed changes to home schooling regulation will take effect on 1 January 2018.

Further information
-   Review of Regulations (DET)
-   The Regulations are
available in full via Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents.


Home Schooling registration

If you are a parent living in Victoria, and want to home school your child, you must register your child with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

Registering for home schooling

For detailed information about registering for home schooling, see:

If after reading these materials you have further questions about registration, please contact the VRQA at or contact the VRQA on 03 9032 1538.

The completed application form can be sent to:

Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority
Home Schooling Officer
GPO Box 2317
Melbourne VIC 3001

Requirements of registration

Registration for home schooling is only available for children:

  • who are of compulsory school age - aged 6 to 17, or a child who turns 6 during the year home schooling will commence, and
  • where the parent/s making the application will provide home schooling at their child’s residential address in Victoria.

Partial enrolment at a school

Students registered for home schooling can be partially enrolled at their neighbourhood government school for specific activities, provided both the school principal and parent(s) agree.

For more information, see: Partial Enrolment for Registered Home Schooling Students Guidelines (doc - 71kb).

Situations you must tell the VRQA about

If your child is registered for home schooling, it is a condition of your registration that you advise the VRQA in writing by November 30 each year whether or not you intend to continue to home school your child/ren in the following year.

If you are applying for registration for home schooling, and there are any Family Court orders (such as orders for joint responsibility for long term issues) or other court or tribunal orders or enforceable agreements that affect the home schooling of the child, you will need to provide copies of the orders or agreements with your application.

If there are any changes to the details you provided in your application, such as a change in your residential address, you must notify the VRQA in writing within 14 days.

If you decide to stop home schooling your child, you must notify the VRQA in writing within 14 days.