Up to 10 per cent of registered families are selected for review each year. We do this to make sure that the requirements of registration are being met.

Reviews usually happen from April to October. If your child's registration is selected, we will write to you early in the year to let you know. You will be contacted again to arrange the review.

If you are educating more than one of your children at home, only one child's registration will be reviewed in any given year.

A review may be based on the following questions:

  • how do you provide instruction across the learning areas
  • what educational materials and resources do you use
  • where and when does your child’s instruction takes place
  • how do you record your child’s learning?  

How a review works

We conduct reviews with the assistance of qualified assessors, who have knowledge and expertise in a variety of different home education styles.

A review may look at:

  • how you provide instruction across the learning areas
  • what educational materials and resources you use
  • where and when your child's instruction takes place
  • how you record your child's learning.

We will need to see evidence of your child's learning in each area. This could include a journal or diary, or samples of your child's work.

If we need further information, we may ask for an interview, either over the phone or in person. A face-to-face interview could be at your home or another suitable location, such as a local library.

There is no requirement for us to visit you in your home, and we do not have the authority to enter your home without your consent.

Outcome of a review

Once your review is complete, we will write to let you know whether or not you are meeting the requirements of registration.

If necessary, you will be advised of any further action to be taken. Your registration may be cancelled if requirements are not being met.

Appealing a decision

If you think our decision is wrong or unfair, you have two options:

  • ask us for an internal review, which will take up to 28 days; or
  • apply to the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal.

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