Getting started in home education

Am I eligible to home school?

You can register your child for home education if:

  •  your child is aged 6–17 years, or if they turn six in the year home education will commence
  •  your residential address is in Victoria.

You will need to provide documentation confirming your child’s eligibility for home education, such as a copy of their birth certificate.

Getting Started

The Department of Education and Training's Guide to Home Education in Victoria has information and advice on the requirements for home education in Victoria. It outlines the services and support available to families who home educate, and information about:

  • considering the decision to home educate
  • registering for home schooling
  • requirements for education programs at home
  • reviews of home schooling programs
  • educational resources and other support available to home education parents
  • post-school pathways for home educated students
  • useful contacts.

For a copy of the guide, see:

We have also developed some frequently asked questions that cover the changes to home education from 2018, as well as general questions around registration and reviews.

For a copy of the FAQs, see:

For more information, see also: