Proposed Ministerial Order - VRQA Fees 2013

A Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) on Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) fees from 2013 was released for public comment.

A copy of the proposed fee schedule and the RIS are available to download from the link below.

In the past, VRQA fees have been set by a Ministerial Order which has applied for only one year. Legislative changes in 2011 now require that a RIS process be undertaken where fees are set by Ministerial Order. The proposed Ministerial Order establishes fees to be payable by providers of educational services regulated by the VRQA from 2013.

Fees can only be set where there is a legislative head of power under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (ETR Act).


After canvassing various options, the RIS proposes a number of options in relation to the range of fees charged by the VRQA. In summary, the impact of the proposed fees in the various sectors is:

  • School education fees follow the structure of the current Ministerial Order No. 514 but with the addition of some new fees, including a site audit fee for provision of an accredited senior secondary course at an additional site.
  • Fees for Overseas Secondary Student Exchange Organisations also follow the structure of the current Ministerial Order No. 514.
  • Fees for approval to provide courses for overseas students also follow the structure of the current Ministerial Order No. 514.
  • Vocational education and training sector fees largely follow the fee structure currently in place for the national VET regulator, the Australian Skills Quality Authority, with some variations to reflect the fee setting heads of power under the ETR Act as well as the retention of the discounted annual fee for registered schools or an Adult Community and Further Education Board registered organisation. In keeping with the Department of Treasury and Finance’s Cost Recovery Guidelines, these fees will progressively increase over the next four years.
  • Fees for the accreditation of higher education courses largely follow the fee structure currently in place for the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency.
  • New application fees have been introduced for the issue of a certificate or duplicate certificate under Part 5.5 of the ETR Act in relation to apprentices as the VRQA is now responsible for apprenticeship and traineeship regulation.


As part of the public consultation process, the VRQA arranged focus group discussions with key stakeholders. Written questions, comments and submissions from affected parties and/or members of the public were also invited. The closing date for submissions was on  23 October 2012.