Senior secondary education in a non-school setting

Non-school senior secondary providers are registered for a period of five years.

The VRQA contacts non-school senior secondary providers in the year in which re-registration falls due to provide information about the process for  re-registration.

Providers wishing to continue their registration will be required to complete:

Providers will need to send the application form for re-registratrion to the VRQA together with any additional documentation to demonstrate compliance with the minimum standards. The VRQA will then review the documentation in order to evaluate compliance with the minimum standards.

For more information about the re-registration process, please email us at

Self-assessment tool

The self-assessment tool allows providers to assess their own compliance with the minimum standards and other requirements for registration as a non-school senior secondary provider, in accordance with the Education and Training Reform Act 2006. The completed self-assessment tool is to be retained by providers unless it is requested by the VRQA.