School Education

​A school is a place from which education is provided to children of compulsory school age during normal school hours.

The VRQA is responsible for the registration and regulation of all Victorian schools and directly quality assures independent schools. The VRQA also registers and quality assures non-school senior secondary providers.

School registration

A school can be registered as one or more of the following: primary, secondary, co-educational, single sex, specific purpose (one which provides an alternative educational program or educational focus), and specialist (one which caters mainly for students with disabilities, or with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties). 

An organisation or group intending to register an independent school, must submit an application directly to the VRQA. It is an offence under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (ETR Act) to operate a school without being granted registration by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

The Department of Education and Training manages the registration process of government schools and amendments to registration details on behalf of the VRQA.

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria manages the registration process of new Victorian Catholic schools and amendments to registration details on behalf of the VRQA.

To find out who to contact when seeking registration or to amend your registration, see: Contacts for school registration.  

Teachers’ registration

The Victorian Institute of Teaching registers school teachers in Victoria.

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