Preparing to Apply for School Registration

This page provides you with information on what you need to know before considering applying for registration. It contains information about the minimum standards, financial management, registration and reviews.

You should expect to spend 12 – 18 months preparing to submit your application to register a new school.

Contacts for school registration

When preparing for registration, prospective applicants must check whether they should apply for registration directly to the VRQA. To find out who to contact when seeking registration see: Contact for applying.

Complying with the minimum standards Complying with the minimum standards

Applicants for initial registration of a proposed new school must demonstrate the capacity to comply with minimum standards and other requirements for school registration.

For a copy of the guidelines, see:

Included in the minimum standards are the requirements to follow:

In addition to meeting the minimum standards for schools (Schedule 4 Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017), schools applying to offer a senior secondary qualification must also meet the minimum standards for registration to provide an accredited senior secondary course (Schedule 8 Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017).

Financial management

This page relates to schools financial sustainability, common causes of financial stress and methods for diagnosing the financial health of independent schools.


The VRQA charges fees for the registration of providers of education and training. For more information see: Fees.

Pre-application meeting

The VRQA strongly recommends you attend a pre-application meeting with a VRQA Senior Regulation Officer. This meeting can help identify any issues early in the process and to ensure your application is complete.

Pre-registration briefings

Before the closing dates for registration, the VRQA holds briefing sessions for organisations or individuals who are considering applying for registration, see: Events.

If you are unable to attend a briefing or have any other queries, please contact us.

School registration process

The next step in registration is to complete the application form.