Transition FAQs


A training package product on my scope has been superseded. Can I continue to deliver training in this training package product?

You may continue to enrol and deliver training in a superseded training package product until the 'no new enrolment' date shown on the transition notice. After that date, you should complete training of enrolled students in as timely a manner as possible or transfer them to the new training package product as appropriate.

No new students can be enrolled in the superseded training package product after the end of the transition period.

A training package product on my scope has been removed from an upgraded training package. Can I still deliver training in this training package product?

Delivery of a removed training package product should be completed in as timely a manner as possible. New students should not be enrolled in a removed training package product.

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I successfully transitioned to an upgraded training package. Do I still need to request the removal of the superseded training package product?


Each RTO is responsible for managing its scope of registration at all times. This includes removing qualifications once delivery has been completed and once qualifications or statements of attainment have been issued to eligible students. Removals can be requested by submitting a completed Form B - Application for amending scope of registration​ (doc - 524.5kb).

What is the process after my RTO lodges its standing application?

A. The VRQA will conduct a risk assessment of your RTO’s application and determine:
  • if the application should be accepted; or
  • if the VRQA requires further information before it can be processed.
 B. Based on the outcome of a risk assessment your RTO’s application will be granted or not granted.
 C. Your application may be placed on hold or refused if:
  • a condition has been imposed on the RTO’s registration;
  • the RTO’s registration has been suspended or cancelled;
  • the RTO’s registration has expired;
  • the RTO is the subject of an enforceable undertaking;
  • the RTO is not compliant with the RTO Standards;
  • the VRQA has assessed the RTO as a high risk provider; or
  • there is an outstanding complaint against your RTO.

Will my RTO receive anything in writing from the VRQA if my standing application is successfully lodged?

No. You will only hear from us if your RTO’s standing application has not been accepted.

What happens if my RTO’s standing application has been lodged but the VRQA refuses to update my RTO’s scope of registration after an amendment to a training package occurs?

 If this happens, a VRQA delegate will write to you with the reasons for not granting your application. 

If my RTO’s standing application is not accepted, can I submit another one?

You may submit a new standing application at any time. It is important that you ensure your RTO is eligible to make a standing application before re-applying.

A training package product on my scope of registration has been superseded and I have successfully lodged a standing application. Is the new qualification/unit added to my scope of registration?

If your standing application is still valid the VRQA will prepare transition advice and then assess your existing scope of registration against that advice. You will be notified of the outcome of your application in one of two ways:
  • the VRQA will write to you because your application has been refused (or because the VRQA requires further information); or
  • your updated scope of registration will appear on and/or you have received an automated email from confirming that updates to your scope have occurred.

A training package product on my scope of registration has been superseded. The mapping summary on indicates that the replaced training package product is not equivalent and I would like to have the new training package product on my scope of registration. What do I have to do?

Where a replaced training package product is not equivalent, you need to submit Form B and the required evidence to the VRQA in order to amend your scope of registration.

What happens if I haven’t lodged a standing application or it is no longer valid?

 If your RTO has not lodged a standing application (or if the standing application is no longer valid) you will need to complete Form B or submit a new standing application.

How long does a standing application stay current?

 A standing application remains current for up to five years unless it is revoked or the RTO’s registration expires, is suspended or cancelled. Please note that if an RTO’s registration expires and is renewed by the VRQA, the RTO must lodge a new standing application once their registration has been renewed. 

Do I use a standing application​​ for a VRQA accredited course?

Standing applications do not apply to VRQA accredited courses. The VRQA will issue transition notices for VRQA accredited courses where they supersede and are equivalent to courses being replaced.

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