Annual Declaration of Compliance

​​​​Guideline 5 of the 2016 VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers (docx - 204.24kb) requires each RTO to complete an Annual Declaration of Compliance and submit it to the VRQA by 1 April each year.

An RTO must  provide an annual declaration that it:

  • currently meets the requirements of the AQTF Standards and the 2016 VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers across all its scope of registration, and has met the requirements of the AQTF Standards and 2016 VRQA Guidelines for all AQF certification documentation it has issued in the previous 12 months: and
  • has training and assessment strategies and practices in place that ensure that all current and prospective learners will be trained and assessed in accordance with the AQTF Standards and 2016 VRQA Guidelines.

By submitting the annual declaration an RTO confirms it has systematically monitored compliance and whether any issues identified have been corrected.

The annual declaration provides the opportunity for noting compliance/noncompliance.  If a noncompliance is identified, please provide the reasons and any rectification measures being implemented in the relevant section of the form.

The annual declaration must be signed by the Principal Executive Officer/Chief Executive Officer who is registered with the VRQA as listed on (TGA).

Download the VET Declaration of Compliance (docx - 96.67kb) pro forma.

Please send the Annual Declaration of Compliance to the VRQA by email at or mail addressed as follows:

Annual Declaration of Compliance
GPO Box 2317
Melbourne  Vic  3001

Not submitting the declaration or not contacting the VRQA will be deemed as non-compliance with the ongoing registration requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). The VRQA will follow up individually with non-compliant RTOs.