Transition Advice

Extension of transition period: training packages endorsed September 2015 - March 2016

The transition period for all training packages endorsed September 2015 – March 2016 has been extended from 12 months to 18 months.

The extension applies only to updated training package qualifications endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) between September 2015 and March 2016.

Please note the following applies to all VRQA registered RTOs:

  • The VRQA will not remove a qualification from an RTO's scope of registration without written permission from the RTO. This is done by completing Form B (doc - 524.5kb) and is in accordance with Condition 9 of the AQTF Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing Registration. RTOs are responsible for managing their scope of registration.
  • RTOs eligible for equivalent training package products to be included in their scope may have their scope of registration updated, in the VRQA's discretion, by lodging a standing application (Form E (doc - 498kb)).
  • RTOs may continue to enrol and deliver training in a superseded training package product prior to the transition date. After that date, RTOs must complete training of enrolled students in as timely a manner as possible, or transfer them to the new training package product as appropriate. The VRQA encourages RTOs to move to the newest version as soon as practicable to ensure no student is disadvantaged.
  • No new students can be enrolled in the superseded training package product after the end of the transition period.

Further information relating to the extension, including a list of eligible qualifications, is available on the Australian Government's Department of Education website.

Standing application for amendments to scope for training packages (Form E)

A standing application authorises the VRQA to amend an RTO’s scope of registration when an amendment to a training package product already on the RTO’s scope of registration occurs and has been determined by the relevant Industry Skills Council to be equivalent to the training package product it is superseding. Eligibility requirements apply in relation to standing applications for amendments to training packages. No fees apply in relation to amendments to scope made under a standing application.

RTOs with valid standing applications will have their scope of registration amended with the updated training package products where appropriate.

RTOs without valid standing applications will need to apply to add the updated training package products using Form B.

There is no fee charged for updates to scope for equivalent training package products made within the transition period.

All RTOs must apply to add non-equivalent training package products using Form B, fees apply for this type of application.

Standing applications do not apply to VRQA accredited courses. The VRQA will issue transition notices for VRQA accredited courses where they supersede and are equivalent to the courses being replaced. 

For more information see: Amending scope of registration

Transition notices 

The following transition notices are still valid and can be used until the end of the transition period.

Transition notices - PDF versionWord versionTransition period ends
22338VIC Certificate II in Building and Construction Pre-apprenticeship (pdf - 85.1kb)22338VIC Certificate II in Building and Construction Pre-apprenticeship​31 December 2017




If you want the replacement qualifications listed in the left hand column of the transition table added to your scope of registration, you will need to:

  • download and print the relevant transition notice
  • meet the requirements outlined in the declaration statement and have the declaration signed by the CEO of your RTO as listed on the national register
  • indicate on the table the qualifications you wish to add to your scope of registration, ensuring that the superseded qualification is already on your scope
  • return the completed form before the deadline shown.

From 1 October 2014, there is no fee for submitting a transition notice. Completed notices can be returned by fax (03) 9032 1579 or by email.


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