Getting Results and Certificates

When you undertake a course at a registered training organisation (RTO), you can expect to receive:

  • unit results (either printed or online) at regular times during your course e.g. at the end of each semester
  • a certificate when you complete your course
  • a statement of attainment if you leave your RTO before completing your course.
If you are having trouble obtaining any of these you should read your written agreement with the RTO before you make a complaint to check the terms of the agreement.
If you think you have reason to make a complaint, See: Complaints.

Requesting a replacement certificate

Former vocational education and training (VET) students can seek replacement certificates for a qualification and statements of attainment from the VRQA if:
  • the relevant RTO has closed, and
  • the VRQA holds the student records of the closed provider.

Assessment results

Vocational education and training

The VRQA cannot change an assessment decision that a VRQA-registered RTO has made. We can, however, investigate whether the process for making the assessment decision was correct, under the registration standards that apply to the school or RTO. See: Complaints.