Do you have a complaint?

Every education provider is required to have a process for handling complaints.  We encourage you to address your complaint that way.  However, if you are not happy with the school or provider's response then we need to hear from you.

The VRQA handles complaints according to the requirements of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, the Protected Disclosures Act 2012.

This means that the VRQA will
  • only collect personal information that we need to investigate the complaint
  • not share the information that you have given us without your permission
  • keep your information secure to prevent it from being lost, misused or seen by unauthorised persons.

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My details
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E.g. (03) 9123-4567, (04) 0123 4567
E.g. (03) 9123-4567, (04) 0123 4567

Complaint details

E.g. XYZ School, FGH College of Training

E.g. Cert III in Hospitality, Year 11 VCE

More details of my complaint

For example, describe what happened to you or the student, or how the training or the facilities are poor, or the way assessment was conducted.
This issue has affected me/the student because...

Supporting documentation

(Please email documents/evidence to

For example, letters or emails between you and the provider, student handbooks, records of meetings, brochures or training plans.
The steps taken to resolve the complaint
Please note that the VRQA may not be able to investigate your complaint unless we can see evidence that you have tried to resolve the issue with the provider.

Tell us how the provider responded.  For example, 'they supplied safety equipment', 'they rejected my complaint', 'they did not take any action'.
What do you want to achieve by making this complaint?
Please note that the VRQA cannot intervene in a contractual, financial or personal dispute between a complainant and a provider.

Tell us what you want to happen as a result of making this complaint.  For example, 'I want the provider to be investigated', or 'I want the provider to change its policy', or 'I would like the provider to recognise my current qualifications and prior learning'.
Disclosing information to others
The VRQA treats all complaints confidentially.  However, in order to investigate a complaint, we may need to share information with colleagues at the VRQA, other government departments, or with the provider you are contacting us about.

The information could be your descriptions of what happened or it could be information about you.  For example, your name, where you live, or whether you have come from overseas to study in Victoria.

We will only share information you have given us if it helps us to investigate your complaint.

We will not share this information without your permission.

For example, you could be the only student in your class from Malaysia.  If you have written this in your complaint and we shared this with the provider, they could work out that you are the complainant.

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As you have not provided contact details, the VRQA Complaints Unit will not be able to contact you to discuss your complaint.
If you would like to be contacted about your complaint, please untick the 'lodge anonymously' box at the top of the page and enter your details before clicking on the 'Lodge' button.

Printed: Monday, 17 December 2018