Reporting on quality indicators

What you need to know

Registered training organisations (RTOs) are required to collect and report data on 3 quality indicators:

  • competency completion
  • learner engagement
  • employer satisfaction.

The data helps RTOs continuously improve their services, and allows the national and state registering bodies to conduct informed risk assessments.

Data for the previous year must be submitted by 30 June, otherwise your RTO's risk rating and registration may be affected.

Quality indicator data is not released to any other party.

Competency completion

Competency completion data is collected as part of AVETMISS reporting.

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Learner engagement and employer satisfaction

Data on learner engagement and employer satisfaction is collected through 2 questionnaires. 

Learner engagement questionnaire

The learner engagement quality indicator focuses on how learners engage in activities that are likely to promote high-quality skill outcomes. It includes learner perceptions of the quality of their competency development and the support they receive from their RTOs. 

This quality indicator is measured through a survey called the Learner Questionnaire. 

Employer satisfaction questionnaire

The employer satisfaction quality indicator focuses on employer evaluation of learner competency development and the relevance of learner competencies for work and further training, as well as employer evaluation of the overall quality of the training and assessment. 

This quality indicator is measured through a survey called the Employer Questionnaire. 

Each year RTOs must gather and analyse data from the Learner Questionnaire and the Employer Questionnaire. It is up to an RTO to send out the questionnaires.

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As an RTO, we expect you to show us how you have used data received from the 2 questionnaires to implement continuous improvement in your organisation. You must provide this information to us using the:

Completed reports can be emailed to